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I was born in Veracruz but I have lived throughout Mexico. I am a huge fanatic of the beach, riding bike, outdoor activities and wellness. When i arrived in Mérida i felt in love with all the cultural offer and outdoor activities to do here.

Once in the Yucatán, I started an intense gay life, and this put me in touch with many gay entrepreneurs, academics of tourism and business owners, and of course many gay tourist, most of whom faced the same challenges:

– how to have another view of the city than the one given by the pre-tailored (and somewhat boring) agency made tours;

– how to get introduced to real Merida’s gay life, given the scarce – and often wrong – information about it (some internet sites are not updated or just the information is not existing on the net). The Mérida gay scene is always evolving (for better  ).

My goal is to offer my clients a good mix between the most important touristic attractions of Yucatán and experiences and activities of interest for the LGBTI community.

This is how I became a gay tour guide in Mérida and I’m still excited to meet new people…

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