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Secluded white beaches of the Gulf Coast

After one day or two wandering in Merida you will probably need a fresh change. What about visiting the small picturesque towns on the coast of Yucatan, only 30-60 min away from Merida. I highly recommend  this not crowded  locations: Sisal or Celestun, due his magnificent turquoise beaches, the magic of the towns,  the many activities that can be done there.


Everyone who visit Sisal fall in love with it, We will tour the small beach town, see the dock, the downtown, the lighthouse, eat some cremitas de coco (Sisal people favorite dessert), and spend time at the turquoise beach.


Sisal Town is unique, it is full of street art walls, since its the home of the anual Kiiwik Festival,  whose goal is to increase the environmental awareness in the community.


I highly recommend to spend the day include at this beach club , and chilling at  its fabulous well designed pool as you have some cool margaritas from the bar. Totally refreshing!

Other activities that can be done in Sisal include Kayaking/Biking in Mangroves.

Starts: at your place.

Duration: 5 hours aprox.

Price per person USD 89.00 based in 2 participants

**Tour with the day pass in the club must be booked with at least one day in advance . Entrance to Club, 1 courtesy drink of jamaica water, and a 3 course meal, finest local style sea food are included**



Is also another off the beaten path destination. Celestun is famous for the “Celestun Biosphere Reserve” a wetland reserve that is the winter home to vast flocks of flamingos, as well as many herons and other bird species. Flamingos arrive to Celestun to feed in the rich mangrove area.

We will get in to a boat at the beach and travel to the estero of Celestun, where flammingos can be seen. In the boat trip we will do a stop and jump into a Ojo de Agua, a crystal waterhole for a refreshing break.

We will spend the day at the beautiful beach of the town, where many options to eat seafood is available. I have my favorites here (good price and great taste!)

Starts: at your place

Duration: 5 hours




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