Chichen Itza Day 1


Coming to México Yucatán and dont visit Chichen Itza, its like going to Egypt and skip Giza pyramid, so important is Chichen Itza, the most iconic mayan archeological site (something difficult to say having another impressive mayan sites like Uxmal, Palenque, Tikal).

Understanding Chichen Itza is understanding how advance the mayan culture was. Chichen Itza was built having the stars alignment in mind, that help them to define the season to cultivate their land. Their buildings work as giant sundials, with special events happening in the equinox (spoiler alert: The edge of the pyramid cast a shadow with the shape of a the giant snake God).


Chichen Itza has hundred of secrets, some of them we know about it and will amaze you, another ones, remain a mystery

Join us for a tour in the Chichen Itza, visiting the extense areas and pyramids.

chichen guys

Complementary to this tour, I suggest a visit to a Cenote, to cool off after a hot day at pyramids. The chosen one for most of visitors is Ik Kil, a beautiful open cenote. This option is tricky since is usually very packed. We can plan a visit to other great cenotes in the area, so you can have a more intimate experience.

ik kil chicos

Close to Chichen Itza there is Valladolid Town. An old colonial small town. It is worth a visit to the square center, visit some colonial style stores, and have delicious mexican lunch. You can have a couple of margaritas to finish the day in the right way.



Beside the day tour at Chichen Itza, at night a show of light is been projected in the pyrmids. Art meets History as you sit enthralled and the History Of The Maya is projected onto the main pyramid. An exceptional way to see Chichén Itzá in a new light most tourists don’t get a chance to see in tour groups. Just sit back and be entertained. Will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Chichen Itza Night 1

Chichen Itza Tour

Starts at your place

Duration: 7 hours

Price per person USD 90.00 based in 2 participants

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