Q : How can I make a reservation ?

A : You can reserve by sending me an email with your trip dates and the tours you have selected. If you are already in Mérida, feel free either to mail me, to text me or to call me on my mobile phone (See “Contact” at the top of the page).


Q. What are your prices?

A: Prices depend on tour / service as well as number of persons. Walking tours start from 70 USD. Happy to provide all the details, just write and ask!


Q : How many days in advance should I make the reservation ?

A : The sooner, the better.


Q : I am travelling with a friend : can we have the tours for two ?

A : Sure. If more than two persons are to attend, please let me know.


Q : Where do the tours begin?

A : Most often, I will come and pick you at your hotel or your casa particular, unless you prefer a different option. Feel free to let me know.


Q : Is it possible to add places to the tours ?

A : Of course ! Just send me a mail, and we will discuss about the places that interest you most.


Q : I am planning to visit other places in Yucatán, but I can’t find easily the way of arranging transportation, accommodation… and I have no clear ideas about what to do to take most profit of my trip. Could you give me some help?

A : Well of course…


Q : Anything else ?

A : Yes. This is not an escort site. At all. So to those who are looking for escorts, I say : this is the wrong place. 

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