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I recommend doing this trip in 3 phases. Start with a visit to Uxmal Ruins, then visit one of the most Beautiful Cenote (criysalwater cave) to cool of and have a nice swim, and last to visit the  selected Hacienda for having a delicious dinner.


The off-the-beaten path spectacular Maya ruins of Uxmal is a delightful archaeological site to explore and experience.
You can sense the history here as you walk around and gaze at the stunning architecture and majestic layout of this ancient city.
This style is characteristic of the Puuc style, of which Uxmal may be the best representative.
The fine carvings and the elegance of its architecture shows that Uxmal was a political, administrative and trade Centre of major importance. With up to 25000 inhabitants, for about 300 years Uxmal was the most powerful site in western Yucatán, and in alliance with Chichén Itza, dominated all of the northern Maya area.
Even today while the city has been abandoned for centuries, its majesty still radiates. Indeed, Uxmal is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture.

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After a hot day exploring ruins there is nothing like cool of in a crystal water cenote. Enjoy this nature gem. A place to remember.

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By then, we will have visited  an archaeological site, a cenote, and we will visit an hacienda for lunch, all in one day!. And is not any hacienda, this one is known for its beauty at day and night, its usually rented for special events like weddings…you will find out why.


Duration: 6 hours

Start at your place, pick up & drop off at your hotel

Price per person USD 85.00 based in 2 participants

*Including regular admissions to all archaeological sites, guide fees, cenotes, lunch and private round-trip transportation.




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